To Win Money Without Working: 5 Business Passive

Is it possible to make money without working? A question everyone is asking. For me it is possible with some conditions, that’s what I will explain in the video. I will deliver 5 ways to make money without working. So, there are two main types of activities. Those that require starting capital and those that require only a lot of work.

Create a passive income

There is a proverb that I like and which illustrates what I say: “Whoever works today more than he is paid will one day be paid more than he works.” That’s what you have to understand, if one day you want to be paid without working, you will have to work for a while without necessarily receiving as much money as your efforts deserve.

Create an Online Business – Make Money on the Internet

This is the most obvious nowadays, to make a dematerialized business. There are several types: e-commerce shops, membership, selling skills. For example, I have not worked on some of my sites for a number of years, and some of them still bring me money in a recurring way.

Network Marketing

So that’s something that I particularly like because that’s how I discovered the notions of financial independence, personal development, and so on. MLM what is it? A company will pay individuals to sell products and recruit other sellers. We create a team and we are paid on the turnover of his team

For these two businesses, you have to know that at the beginning it takes a lot of time. You will probably work for peanuts at first. However, what is powerful in this kind of business is that your salary is not proportional to your work time, it is exponential with time. Your income is linked to your perseverance and perseverance.

Personally, I made money in both types of business. At first, let me tell you that you will not win anything (not much) and that you will want to give up. Think about when you will be like me, on the beach and paid to enjoy life. Once again, it must be understood that revenues in these activities are not related to time worked but to consistency. By doing 20h a week for 10 years, maybe you will win 300 € the first months, then 500 € after 6 months, 1000 € after 12 months … And maybe 5000 € after 2 years and 20,000 € per month after 5 years. But all this for the same weekly work. In any case, a person who earns 20.000 € per month on the internet or in network marketing does not work 200 times more than when she earned 200 € …

Create your company

Become a business owner, open your own company. I have a friend who started his own business, and I remember a few years ago that he had no time for himself, all the time working. I called him recently, he explained that he was on vacation for two months, his business runs without him, and he earns money “without working”. He has put in place a system that works for him. And today he can enjoy it. It’s not easy, it’s the hardest way I think because it takes a lot of time and maybe a lot of money. The mistake is to say that we will become an entrepreneur, without knowing what work it represents. Once the business is running, keep working, do the maximum. Do not relax when you can have more. In any case not too early.

Many people think that the income they make this month will be the one they will make all their lives. It’s wrong. When you have reached a plateau, continue working as hard as before to really create something solid. Something that will not die as soon as you leave for 3 weeks in Thailand.

Invest your money

If you really do not want to work and really do not trade time for money, you will have to invest money. Sometimes a lot of money for the lever to be interesting.

Invest in real estate

This is the best-known way to be a rentier, to earn money without working since it offers a stable and regular return on investment. However, you have to have a lot of money to start. Not being a fan of mortgages for ethical reasons, I can tell you that it works nevertheless.

Investment / Financial Placement

The best known is the stock market. So it’s a way to make money, invest your savings by buying shares. If I have any advice to give you, it is to do that in the long run, although many tell you that you can earn money quickly with this: 95% of individuals who are short-term traders lose money. It’s no longer possible for us as a mere human to compete with the wrong-frequency trading and their thousands of operations per second. Invest in a safe bet, a high-yielding stock that climbs slowly but surely.

Other investments, the one in start-ups. A little riskier but much more fun and profitable if it works. Here are the five ways to make money without working. Some require monster work before others require only a starting capital. There are still many ways to make money without working every day and creating a recurring income, it was just 5 ideas among others.