Orange Business Services tackles the Cloud market

Orange Business Services tackles the Cloud market

Following its launch on the Cloud market in 2010, Orange Business Services continues its development by sealing international partnerships, but also by taking charge of the French sovereign Cloud. A role which is part of the logical continuity of the former historic operator.

In the eyes of Orange Cloud for Business, the Cloud is a logical continuation of the old incumbent operator. For good reason, Orange has specialized in providing services for almost fifty years . The telephone is indeed a service in the network.

Nevertheless, the firm entered the Cloud market late. It was in 2010, as part of the Conquests 2015 project, that Orange decided to start its shift. The operator saw the need to move to the Cloud for IT infrastructures and application services, through on-demand solutions shared in Data Centers.

A global strategy

To make this transition, Orange has developed a general strategy covering all the needs of businesses for the deployment of Cloud infrastructures and applications . From expertise to installation, the operator offers to support companies in their digital transformation.

This global strategy is based on two divisions of the Orange Business Services subsidiary. The infrastructures are managed by Orange Cloud for Business, while application development is supported by Orange Application for Business. The firm is developing its activity in the hybrid cloud sectors , private, but also public, with platforms located in France and Asia. It wants to offer the best connectivity, collaborative tools, an agile infrastructure, and a large catalog of applications and tools .

Big Data / IoT infrastructures and environments

In this context, OBS offers the development and installation of private clouds for clients, as well as the development of managed private clouds for large companies wishing to benefit from infrastructures that are fully dedicated to them. In addition, the operator offers a managed service offer called Flexible Data Platform. With this offer, customers can benefit from a Big Data environment in the Cloud, and from IoT application development environments . In order to offer a diverse range of tools and applications, Orange has established several international partnerships with companies such as SAP.

The sovereign cloud, a logical continuity for the former historic operator

To stand out from the competition, OBS has also chosen to place itself on the sovereign cloud market. The firm first took part in the government’s sovereign Cloudwatt Cloud project, before buying it. According to Philippe Laplane, the sovereign cloud ensures the localization and the essential protection of data. As a former incumbent operator, Orange aims to fulfill this role as a sovereign cloud provider through its Data Centers located in France .


Following a tender last year, OBS won support for the state’s public cloud . The firm now intends to play the role of national and international supplier for companies wishing to use a French sovereign cloud. Ministries and public establishments will be able to benefit from its on-demand IT services for agile development projects, Open Data and Big Data through the OpenStack public cloud.

OpenStack and VMware, two complementary platforms

The choice of OpenStack was made in 2012, in addition to VMware, considered as a strategic partner. While VMware is optimal for classic enterprise applications and infrastructures , OpenStack allows OBS to open up to the digital transformation market with newer Big Data and IoT application development solutions. and agile cloud development

Last March, OBS also partnered with to tackle the agile cloud development market. This partner offers a Platform as a second generation service based on a Linux container orchestration layer. With this platform, developers can focus directly on application development without worrying about infrastructure and system operations . It is well suited to e-commerce sites and public services, providing great responsiveness, continuous deployment and smooth load management. By integrating this PaaS with Cloudwatt, OBS allows customers of the French sovereign cloud to benefit from it.