Money, The Only Value In Our Society?

In recent days, I only meet people who talk about money. I find myself sometimes disarmed by this void and especially by the certainty that they have that everyone can think only like that. All human action is judged by their only monolithic identification grid, money. A free act, the willingness to help each other, to share theirs seems totally alien. And it’s even suspicious, it hides a desire to make money, it’s forced there is something. Even the most innocuous acts are a source of mistrust. Help a senior to carry his bags too heavy (I must reassure them, I will not run away with their shopping), hold the door to a person to let her in …

People are on the defensive, suspicious … the values that I have received through my classic strong upbringing are no longer short. They are perceived as a deception (will I abuse the defenseless old person?, If I hold the door is that I want to flirt the girl …). I had received values that were no longer short, helping the other was the most beautiful reward. Where is the chivalrous spirit, the honor, the dignity?

I had already encountered this kind of misunderstanding when, for example, I left my job as an IT trainer at Renault’s head office. (I was able to personally train all the senior executives of the time, from Louis Schweitzer to Carlos Goshen then number 2, I was their personal trainer, I went into their office directly while the sub-managers were waiting in the room. waiting (how to reaffirm the hierarchy which earned me an “aura” at the headquarters (ridiculous)), in short, a golden position, protected, very lucrative.

That did not stop me from resigning, to earn half as much by working as a ZEP history teacher in the 93. I was drinking capes and free candidate aggregation after my days at headquarters. But I still had people around me who could understand that it was better to have a job that I could consider myself useful to society than a job well paid without social interest. It was 15 years ago.

Silver and Rolex

Today, when I look around me, I do not see many people who try to be happy, fill their lives with an interesting activity, a passion even if it is not especially lucrative. I receive emails that tell me but why do not you trade more, why do not you do that? Because money is not a goal, freedom yes and we can be very free with little money. I prefer to spend a day reading books, to do the plank at the pool than to trade to tell me super I won 1000 €, but I did nothing of my day just won money that will accumulate on an account. Even more, even more … why? A new car? Sad…

I have tried to understand why society has evolved, why it has become more cynical, harder and totally turned towards the golden calf, why money is the only goal of an existence that will end between 4 boards.

Why does the agent become the center of society?

I think it’s a conjunction of several factors. The economic crisis has made the middle class nervous by introducing economic and psychological precariousness. His job is a “chance”, a precious asset that must be defended, preserve even if it is to push his colleagues to not be the first to leave on the cart of dismissal. To take advantage of this chance (?), To keep his job, the employees have accepted everything, increased rates, pressure, overtime unpaid, downgrading. What makes that nowadays, the company is not anymore a place of work, but of competition, of pressure, woe to the one who cracks, which does not reach its objective, which seems tired …

People sometimes even end up identifying with their jobs, which causes disasters when they can lose it. Beyond, a fixed income, it’s down to their identity that they lose … The last month I worked at Renault, I spoke with a colleague who was retiring. I felt bad, very bad, anguished despite his smiles and classic word games at the party organized for his departure. He confided, I tried to reassure him, 3 weeks after he committed suicide … he had no project, no identity other than his work.

Money makes you happy

The image we get from the media: to be happy, you have to consume. We are much happier in Porsche than in Laguna. It is an evidence that suffers no possible challenge, otherwise, our society collapses. To consume, it takes money, to have money, it takes a job, to get a job you have to swallow snakes. This makes people more aggressive because at work they have to take on them, but outside, they can assault the person who hesitates to turn left or right by car.

This internal violence is so controlled by the company that when an executive is fired, he can commit suicide. He feels guilty, if he is fired is that he is a draw .. So we could expect him to take a shotgun and it a cardboard on his director of human relations Not even, he turns the violence on himself and he kills himself This shows us the guilt power of the company, but it also shows us that for many people, their identity is linked to their work. Durand, but professor, doctor or engineer.

A narcissistic society

Society is much more narcissistic. The self-becomes the center of the discussions, the We tend to disappear. Individualization progresses everywhere even within couples. Yet it is the smallest possible unit of two beings. Everyone can claim an individual happiness within the couple, presented as normal and fulfilling. Even if the couple can suffer. I want, I do, my spouse is no longer terrible, I throw it. Dating sites are the quintessence. They are the supermarket of meetings. We consume, but we attach little because there is always the possibility of finding better. There will always be someone more rich, handsome, smarter, more muscular. The pool is constantly renewed as cars, TV screens. A frenzy of consumption that even touches the relationships between human beings.

Individualism has made tremendous progress. The idea that the other is not a potential friend but a potential danger is more and more marked. This individualism is explained in my opinion by this competition society. Woe to the vanquished, I will kill to keep my job, my salary, my money, my consumption. Because in fine it’s my identity in a market society. We then have the bling effect. The important thing in life is money to buy consumer goods that will make you want. We can then enjoy its consumer superiority by boasting his car, his last computer. Its value will then be in the social recognition and jealousy of the neighbor or the colleague. I make a lot of sacrifices to pay for my luxury car on leasing. I expect at least jealousy from the neighbor. If not, what can it do to work overtime?