Google Cloud strengthens security against DDoS and data leaks

Google Cloud strengthens security against DDoS and data leaks

Google Cloud Platform is rolling out new security features for its various services. These new tools will help protect users from possible data leaks, check the security level, and protect companies from DDoS attacks.

To reassure potential users of its services, Google Cloud Platform announces today new security features. First, the new VPC Service Controls will allow users to add a new layer of security to their API-based services on GCP.

As the Vice President of Corporate Security, Gerhard Eschelbeck explains, this functionality is comparable to an invisible barrier (and reconfigurable at will) allowing to prevent data from escaping. The Cloud Security Command Center will allow companies to benefit from detailed information on their level of security for Google Cloud services such as App Engine, Compute Engine and Cloud Storage.

This service will indicate in particular where sensitive data is stored , and which applications are potentially vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. It will also scan the firewall settings and detect any unauthorized changes to the company’s security settings.

Google Cloud wants to protect its customers against DDoS attacks
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In order to detect possible DDoS attacks , network intrusions and other threats Google is partnering with several sellers of cloud security solutions including Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, RedLock, Palo Alto Networks and Qualys. In addition, in order to prevent DDoS attacks, Google is launching the Cloud Armor service

This service notably provides blacklisting tools , and integrates with the Google Global Load Balancing Service. Other security updates for the Google Cloud Platform include new login tools, Data Loss Prevention API updates, and new GCP resource access management tools.