Google Cloud Services Platform: a whole new range of Cloud services

Google Cloud Services Platform: a whole new range of Cloud services

The Google Cloud Services Platform is a new family of Cloud services announced as part of the Google Next. It is intended for hybrid environments combining Cloud and on-site infrastructures.

As part of the Google Next cloud conference, which takes place in San Francisco from July 24 to 26, 2018, Google has just revealed a whole new family of cloud services intended for companies whose workloads are still on site: the Google Cloud Services Platform .

This new range of services aims to meet the needs of companies that have opted for a hybrid IT environment . In particular, it should allow companies to no longer have to choose between agility and security depending on whether they choose the cloud or on-site infrastructure.

Among the services of this new family is the Google Kubernetes Engine . This is Google’s managed Kubernetes environment. The firm also announces that it is the first Cloud provider to offer a Kubernetes environment managed on site.

GKE On-Prem will be available in alpha version very soon. This platform will allow users to benefit from unified multi-cluster management on site and on the GCP, centralized monitoring, professional support, and access and hybrid identity management.

The Cloud Services Platform also includes GKE Policy Management . This service will allow Kubernetes administrators to create a single source of trust for the terms of use, which will automatically synchronize with all clusters. Again, this service will be available in alpha in the near future. Finally, the GKE Serverless add-on will allow users to deploy serverless workloads on the Kubernetes Engine in a single step.

Google Cloud Services Platform includes Kubernetes environment managed on site by Google

In addition to these Kubernetes-related services, the Cloud Services Platform also includes developer tools , such as Cloud Build, which is a managed CI / CD platform. There is also a Itsio service, the open source service which allows developers to manage microservices networks on Cloud Platforms in an agnostic way on a GKE server.

Likewise, the Stackdriver Service Monitoring will allow administrators to supervise in real time all their microservices and the way they interact. Google announces that the Cloud Services Platform will soon be integrated with the on-premise offer of its partners such as Cisco.

In addition to the Cloud Services Platform, Google also took advantage of this conference to announce new developments related to artificial intelligence : the launch of the Contact Center Solution, the third generation of Cloud TPU, and the opening of AutoML Vision, AutoML Translation and AutoML Natural Language.

New features have also been announced for the G Suite collaboration solution : the shared data security control tool Security Control Center, voice commands in Hangouts Meet Hardware, intelligent input in Gmail, and finally the response intelligence suggestion in Hangouts Chat and grammar in Google Docs.