Google Bigtable, the Cloud solution for Big Data

Google Bigtable, the Cloud solution for Big Data

Cloud Bigtable is a NoSQL tool used by Google for the majority of its online tools such as Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Earth… The company offers its Cloud Bigtable tool to businesses to help them manage their large data.

Cloud Bigtable for businesses
The company Google is implementing a beta version of its Cloud Bigtable tool , so it is possible to test it for free on Google’s public cloud . By deploying its tool to businesses, Google is still targeting specific business sectors. The American giant said that certain fields could be more interested than others by this tool: financial services, energy, biomedical, and telecommunications . Large companies are therefore targeted because they manipulate millions of data . Of course, other companies and industries are welcome to use Cloud Bigtable.

Google bigtable

This solution is based on bigtable technology, as its name suggests, which is the technology used by Google, for 10 years, to store all its data . It goes from Gmail to the indexing pages of the search engine. Suffice to say that its capacity is great!

On the technical side, how does it work?
First of all, it is possible to access Cloud Bigtable through the Apache HBase API . This allows the tool to be compatible with the Hadoop framework. This access also allows you to use other Google tools to manage Big Data. Cloud Bigtable does however offer the possibility of processing larger and more complex data than Cloud Datastore or Cloud Dataflow.

Google describes its product as easy to use for data management. Indeed, Cloud Bigtable allows the management of millions of writes and readings per second with a latency of less than 10ms. There is no limit on the size of the data to be managed, it is encrypted during and after use. The Google tool also offers the possibility of selecting the persons having access to the data by the ACL (Access Control List) system.


Regarding the Cloud Bigtable rate, it takes $ 0.65 per node per hour with a minimum of three nodes per cluster . Each node allows up to 10,000 requests and 10 MB of data transfer per second . Storage on SSD (flash memory) costs $ 0.17 per GB / month and disk storage costs $ 0.026 per GB / month. The prices were collected on the Google cloud platform.

Google is betting a lot on its tool thanks to the scale that the Cloud and Big Data are taking, a big success awaits Cloud Bigtable.