Good Tips For Making Money While Traveling

If everyone agrees that it will be necessary to save money before going offshore, we rarely specify how much we will have to save in practice because it remains very relative. On average, for a year of travel, the trend is $ 15,000 minimum per traveler, the price of a small economy car!

There are a thousand and one ways to finance your trip, but here I am speaking to people who do not have the time, the means or the desire to save! If you think that it will take many years of hard work and sacrifice to save money and finance a world tour, know that there are much easier solutions to go about it. If you want to travel in the short or medium term, the solution would be to save a small amount of money and work at the same time. On average, if you have 5000 dollars and you plan to start your trip from Asia for example, you will have plenty of time to put yourself in the bath, so to prepare well psychologically at work. On average, you will spend $ 500 a month, time to enjoy a little, analyze and understand your environment. The duration of work varies from three to six hours a day, according to your desires and your expenses.

Make money online

It is relatively easy to work on the internet today. Sites like offer freelance jobs and offer you translation, programming, writing or computer graphics jobs as an example. You can earn enough to pay for a month of travel, up to $ 1,000 if you’re doing well (you can earn them in two / three weeks for up to four hours a day). It’s enough to live a month in India, Cambodia or Nepal to name a few. For example, a month’s rent in Kathmandu will cost you only 220 dollars.

Getting started on this kind of site requires some sacrifice and time because you will start with jobs paid two dollars an hour, but you will progress very quickly. If you are good, you could even reach a French comic, which is perfect for a low coast traveler. In order to avoid being paid such a small amount when traveling, start these jobs six months before starting the trip to ensure a comfortable income thereafter (in the range of 10 to 25 dollars per hour) as well as gaining experience.

If you do not like the concept or if you find that it does not pay enough, you can start by developing a commercial site before traveling, which will allow you to work while being relocated. You can enjoy a cocktail in Goa or Ushuaia while working remotely! It’s entirely possible. Practically, all the travelers that I meet during my coursework at the same time, some to the black because they have only a tourist visa. In this sense, I met many bartenders, hotel receptionists, cooks, flyer distributors, menu translators, photographers, salespeople, volunteers, and professors, all of whom are trades. we find easily.

Fruit Picking, the ideal job for travelers

But the most popular job among travelers is undoubtedly the fruit picking in Australia and New Zealand. Every year, thousands of European backpackers start their journey through these two countries. The goal is to make enough money in six months to go around the world. The job is paid 3000 or 4000 dollars per month, which allows them to save for one year and the opportunity to discover these countries.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a Moroccan to apply because the visa for Australia and New Zealand is complicated and the tourist-work visa is not valid for Moroccan nationals. Each year, Australia launches its pick-up program for travelers via this site. You can apply and try your luck (maybe waiting for a waiver or if you have dual nationality).

Do not hesitate to ask for work visas

Instead of making a tourist visa (in easily accessible countries), pay a little more and apply for a work visa. With good English especially and good French, you can teach these languages or manage a restaurant. Sometimes these jobs come with packs that include visa payment, accommodation and sometimes even a scooter. I saw one day in Vietnam an offer so paid ten dollars a half day in a disco. We agree, it’s not huge but you still get accommodation, drinks and visa fees, which significantly reduces your expenses!

Traveling with a lot of savings: the boomerang effect

I have an example to share with you, that of an American who had a scholarship. A 28-year-old American soldier whom I had hosted via Couchsurfing two years ago while on a tour of the world. At the end of his military service in Iraq, his compensation amounted to more than $ 20,000. He had the choice between going back to university with this sum (in addition to financial aid from the army) or undertaking a trip around the world. He looked for the second choice and decided to start his journey from Japan. These expenses come from the fact that Japan is expensive and that he left with a psychological handicap: to have enough savings! Indeed, when you think you have a good margin to travel and that, in addition, you have no experience, you will then spend without counting.

After this episode, he had completely revised his travel strategy especially with this lifestyle, he was going to visit only five or six countries before returning home. After some effort, he was able to go around Asia with almost 7000 dollars without counting Japan. His expenses were drastically reduced by hitchhiking and working at the same time.

Save money with Couchsurfing

s a result of this type of spending, it becomes necessary to understand how to adopt a good strategy. In the case of this American, he also went through the site Couchsurfing (especially in Europe and some Asian countries), which allows sleeping homestay. Literally, the name of the site means surfing on the couch! On this site, we find ads and requests for accommodation anywhere in the world. The duration is to negotiate with the host who selects the guests via their profiles. You can not Couchsurfing everywhere, either because the hotel costs only a few dollars in certain areas (and it is sometimes better to rest in a hotel), or because the site is not known in some countries or either because the practice is forbidden (as in Belgium).

There are several benefits of couch surfer: saving money especially in areas where accommodation is very expensive: Japan, France, Sweden, etc. and also to make a network of friends who will make you discover the city. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes the host can ask a counterpart: do the dishes, prepare a local dish, walk his dog or make him learn your language.

Disadvantages of Couchsurfing

Personally, I do not use it (except to receive travelers). We never know who we are going to fall on and very often we have to adapt to the rhythm of the person who is hosting us: for example, if he has to go to work, he will have to go out at the same time as he and also come back. after his return. Sometimes and after a long trip, we want to rest while the host, he wants to discuss, socialize or make us visit a place. There is not much room for maneuver because we never feel at home. If you are the type to socialize even if you are tired by transport, Couchsurfing is for you. Many people find their accounts and only travel with this system.

When you’re a girl, it’s a little different unfortunately because some people use this network as a way to try to have sex. Based on the feedback of several people and my experience of the site, the ideal would be to choose a host of the same sex, it is often easier for both and thus avoids a lot of amalgam and prejudices. Start by having someone at your place, gain experience on the site, suggest that people leave comments on your profile before embarking on Couchsurfing.

The woofing

There is also a popular travel method that many Israelis, Australians, and Europeans use, woofing. If this term does not tell you anything, it is because the practice is not very democratized throughout the world and is reserved for a community of passionate travelers and low-cost. What is woofing then? Acronym of WWOOF, it comes from World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (opportunities in organic farms around the world). This is a global network of organic farms where you can be housed and sometimes even fed and whitened!

You will live for a while on a farm and discover new cultures, local languages, and gastronomy in return for a job. To do this, it will be necessary to register on the website of the organization and to contact farmers from all over the world. It’s an easy way to travel long without paying fees.

Gain experience before the big trip

Sometimes it’s not enough for goodwill to start a trip around the world or a big trip. If you have never traveled abroad before, you will need to take a little introductory trip to understand how it works at customs, metros, currencies, and hotels. There are a thousand and one ways to travel and here we are not talking about a short stay of idleness in Barcelona or Capri, which are in the passage of very beautiful cities, but it is the question of acquiring the first bases to know how “Go out of your way” and find the right tips to travel smart without breaking the bank.

Make a few months in Brazil, Hong Kong or Turkey (easy destinations and no visa for Moroccans). Start with destinations, say softly to enjoy your stay and make you want to resume the trip later. Because yes, there are destinations that will make you regret traveling if you do not have enough experience: India, for example, is famous for being a difficult destination and it is very often recommended to start with Asia. south-east before joining the said country. The difficulties come from the form of social anarchy that reigns in India and people will often be asked to have a steel mind or a little experience to approach Indian society.

Other destinations like Japan or Norway can also make you want to hesitate to take a big trip. This time, the reasons are financial because if you have no management experience, you can break the bank after one week. Here, the traveler will be asked to know how to find cheap hotels, how to manage his transport (take Japan Rail Pass subscriptions, for example, hitchhike in Norway, take a bicycle instead of very expensive public transport) shop in low-cost supermarkets, compare prices, etc.

… and to conclude

As we have just seen, it is not productive, sometimes, to work six years before starting a trip around the world, so you want to save tens of thousands of dollars. It is smarter, healthier and more interesting to work at the same time to earn money, gain experience and rub local cultures. This will require you to stay active on the roads and avoid spending all at once! For people who do not see fruit picking, woofing or Couchsurfing, I still have tips to share with you in future articles. To be continued!