Disney goes to the Microsoft Azure Cloud to produce its films faster

Disney goes to the Microsoft Azure Cloud to produce its films faster

Disney and Microsoft announce a five-year partnership around the Azure Cloud. Disney’s objective is to exploit the possibilities offered by the Cloud to accelerate the production of its films while reducing the cost…

Over time, the Cloud has become increasingly popular with businesses in all industries . In fact, it is natural to see the use cases of this technology multiply .

Today, Walt Disney Studios is turning to the Cloud . The American animated film giant announces a five-year partnership with Microsoft Azure . The objective of this alliance is to develop an innovation laboratory in order to explore the possibilities offered by the Cloud for the production of content.

This agreement is actually in addition to the already sealed partnership between Microsoft and Avid, known for its software dedicated to film production. Together, the two companies are developing cloud-based workflows for the film industry using Avid software solutions on Azure.

Disney wants to cut costs and speed up film production with Microsoft Azure

For its part, Disney will be able to take advantage of the solutions already implemented by Avid and Azure while contributing to the development of new tools that meet its specific needs . At Walt Disney StudioLAB, Disney employees can experience the Cloud. By joining forces, the three companies hope to develop innovative cloud-based workflows to accelerate Disney’s innovation cycle.

The production of films requires a large amount of IT resources , and the Cloud therefore seems perfectly suited to this use case. Indeed, Disney can freely increase or reduce the amount of resources used according to its needs. Thus, according to the company’s CTO, Jamie Voris, the Cloud will reduce production costs while speeding up the process. Freed from technical constraints, employees will be able to focus on the creative process …