Discover The Real Methods That Will Help You Make Money Faster

You can make money in many ways. Some will suit you better than others. Because we are all different. Because each of us has other abilities, other strengths, and other weaknesses.

But earning a lot of money to become rich is not really necessary:

The first law of wealth is that you only need to make enough to cover your expenses easily and reach your wealth goals. Keeping your expenses under control is the second law. It is by combining these two Laws that you will find the key that opens the door to the great path of financial freedom: savings and investment. Before continuing, I advise you first of all to understand all the ins and outs of a good investment by buying this book that I offer for free: click here.

Of course, there are always around us examples of people who made their fortune by winning for example at the Lotto, making a ‘coup’ on the stock market or inheriting a great uncle … There are also people born rich. These are obviously not reproducible situations and can be the subject of general rules valid for the majority of ‘normal’ people, ie. you and me.

“The plan I propose is the only realistic one, and you will earn money as quickly as possible” Here are the 5 steps to start making money so you can acquire the basics to conquer your financial freedom.

Track your expenses

The first step to actually making money is knowing how much comes in and out each month. Look at your bank account, your credit card and debit card of the last months. Analyze how much you spend each month in all categories (mortgage/rent, grocery, utilities, etc.). This will give you a baseline to understand where your money has been in the past.

Create a budget

This involves looking at how much you have spent in each category and asking if there are positions you want and can reduce. The more you can dissect each category, the more you can develop a budget that is not only realistic but also disciplined. If you manage to live more rationally, you can build your financial plan and enjoy more security in the future. An excellent tool to succeed in this second step is to use the budgeting spreadsheet that I offer with my Become Rich training. Manual.

Build an emergency fund

When money is really in limited supply, a sudden and unexpected expense can be catastrophic. So make sure your new budget has a line for savings. You should ideally have saved the income of 3 to 6 months for emergencies, but to begin, simply aim to save already 1,000 €.

Get rid of your debts

The indebtedness of the consumers is the ball on the feet of their financial freedom. For every Euro of debt, you will find yourself paying a lot more because of the interest that is owed. Removing any existing debt should, therefore, be one of your priorities. Also, understand that you must buy your home instead of renting it.

The loan that you will have to take out to repay this purchase is the only debt you should be able to afford since it ultimately allows you to increase your net assets, ie. your heritage. It is a notion that some, for lack of financial education, fail to understand: to remain a tenant is to impoverish you every month definitely a little more. Do not listen to the bad advice of those who explain that it is better to rent than to buy your home. These people do not know what they are talking about and thus permanently disqualify themselves from useful and valuable financial advice.

Increase your income

It is a good idea to take extra steps to make money in larger quantities. It could mean taking a second job (temporarily or not), starting a business next to your main job or working overtime at your current job. One of the ways that have always proved to be very effective is to invest in real estate. All this will not be easy, but remember that the ultimate goal is to free you financially. In the end, it is this freedom that will be your greatest wealth.

As we have seen, unless you are lucky enough to be born with a fortune to spend, you will have to start making money by working yourself first. But then, if you really want to conquer your financial independence, you will have to make work in turn the money you have earned. Understanding how money is created can therefore give you an advantage for further operations. There are four main strategies for making money. And these strategies can help you create your fortune.

Make money selling your time

It is the source of income that the middle and lower classes consider the most important. This is the money you receive to sell your time to an employer. He is often represented as a salary. You often hear well-intentioned parents telling their children to find ‘good work’, preferably ‘with benefits’.

The salary you receive for your time depends on the scarcity and demand for your skills for society. A gifted brain surgeon, for example, can charge hundreds of thousands of Euros a year because there are not many men or women who can do his job. Someone who fills the shelves of a supermarket earns less, not because he is intrinsically less valuable as a person, but because virtually anyone in good health can do that, so there is a huge amount of potential worker candidates for this job, which in turn reduces wages. To earn more money in this way, you can invest in yourself and increase your salary, work more hours or a combination of both.

This type of income is the most tyrannical way to make a living because you only make money when you are actively working. And since there are only 24 hours in a day, this also limits your potential for increasing your income. A brilliant lawyer can earn a lot per year, but he can not continue to charge if he does not work. This may be fine if you like your job, but for most people, there are other things they would rather do in their life.

Earn interest income on money lending

This type of income comes from borrowers of your money who pay you for their ‘rent’ money that you have set aside for investment purposes. When you buy a certificate of deposit in a bank, for example, you lend money to the bank in return for a predetermined rate of return, usually a few percentage points a year. The bank takes your money and ‘leases’ it and then lends it to you at a higher rate, pocketing the difference.

For those of you who are interested, that’s why the relationship between short-term and long-term rates is so important. The greater the difference, the more your bank can earn on this deposit certificate or savings account that you own.

Earn dividend income from the profits of the companies you hold

This way of making money is your share of the profits of a company in which you have invested. If you own 50% of a lemonade stand and the company has had sales of € 1,000 with costs of € 500 and therefore € 500 of profit remaining, your share of these profits will be € 250 (because your participation 50% of the shares is entitled to 50% of the profit). This money is paid to you as your share of the earnings. A good investment of this type is one in which the company earns more year after year, and continually increases the amount that is sent to you regularly.

The simplest way to make money this way is to buy shares in the stock market.

Just like interest income, the essence of dividend income is that your money is working for you. In fact, you do not have to do anything personally, but you get richer every day. However, there are other forms of work that can be included in this category.

A seller who receives commissions on recurring orders with little or no work actually also receives some kind of dividend income (this is the case for those who are upstream of an MLM chain). This is also the case for those who register a new patent and thus earn royalties. Or a songwriter who makes money when a star chooses his song for a new single.

These people generate profits from the recurring ‘selling’ of their idea or property, which actually does not differ so much from a laundry detergent sold by a company like Procter & Gamble or a bottle of Coca-Cola. This is how Paul McCartney, and