Acquia and CloudFlare launch partnership

Acquia and CloudFlare launch partnership

The two companies have much to gain by making a partnership. One will be able to offer new solutions and the other will increase its client base.

Acquia and CloudFlare: two web companies
In the cloud world, partnerships are quite frequent and help companies to establish themselves.

DrupalAcquia provides enterprise cloud products, services and technical support for the open source Drupal platform . Its clients are large international companies. The company launched in 2007 has raised over $ 118 million .

CloudFlare protects and speeds up traffic for online websites. Once the site is delivered to CloudFlare, teams optimize it so that visitors get the best page load times and best performance. CloudFlare also allows you to block threats and limit robots that take up too much bandwidth . The sites are therefore more efficient and there is a decrease in spam and other attacks. The CloudFlare business launched in 2009 has raised more than $ 71 million .

Acquia wanted a partner to be able to create a service for businesses . The company wanted to build this service itself, but eventually abandoned the idea. Chris Stone, vice president of products and development at Acquia said, ” We went looking for the best solution first, then an opportunity to work with someone who could guide Acquia and we found this guide to CloudFlare . “

Acquia and CloudFlare: the partnership

Acquia announced in mid-May that it will team up with CloudFlare to sell CloudFlare services such as CDN (content delivery service) and DDoS (denial of service attack), under its own brand. The solutions will be sold as Acquia Edge Protect and Edge CDN.

CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince took care to point out that even if the solutions are part of Acquia products, the product is that of CloudFlare as well.

The partnership offers Acquia the opportunity to stimulate its Drupal offer with new solutions. Acquia can provide services for Drupal while for the company CloudFlare it is an opportunity to expand its customer base and acquire a presence in the cloud market of large companies . Because in fact, Acquia works for large companies and will allow CloudFlare to make a name for itself in this environment.

Acquia also wanted to offer its customers more security as CloudFlare offers, so the company had everything to gain from this partnership.