A cloud solution for Big Data: DgSecure

A cloud solution for Big Data: DgSecure

Dataguise is the leading provider of data protection systems for Hadoop and other Big Data environments. He announced the release of the DgSecure 5.0 platform.

Dataguise is therefore the main supplier of data protection and confidentiality , more particularly for sensitive data stored in big data systems and traditional repositories.

The company offers global and centralized solutions to allow companies to have a 360-degree view on their sensitive data . They can then assess their exposure risks and choose the most appropriate security solutions , locally or in the cloud.

Dataguise is recognized for its ability to help its customers reduce the risk of data leakage and remain in compliance with the main rules aimed at protecting personal information .

This platform allows companies that discover sensitive data to automate their protection on all their data through Big Data . It is possible to see all the company’s data on the site but also in the cloud .

Version 5.0 of DgSecure offers data access control for more security when it comes to sensitive data. By combining the placement of sensitive data with the defined permissions of the Access Control List (ACL), organizations can monitor access to sensitive data . The tool provides information on the state of sensitive data with controls on what different users can see of that data.

More security for sensitive data

This system was put in place because many companies want to use Big Data but are afraid for some of their data. This is why we needed a system allowing Big Data to be used in companies while preserving certain data , for a few users within the company.

The objectives of this solution are therefore to mitigate the risk of a data breach through comprehensive reporting and auditing services. This allows businesses to see who is adding data , to know who has accessed or attempted to access sensitive data .

The platform offers various automation tools to facilitate the daily life of the company but also strengthen data security through scripts . Options allow users to locate, identify and manage sensitive data in broad categories of data. They then apply high performance data protection based on predefined permissions . Sensitive data is ultimately optimally protected.

The Big Data tool implemented can therefore work on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services with Amazon EMR but also Microsoft Azure .