3 Crucial Points To Become Rich

Wealth everyone talks about it. Some dream of it, others hope it, and still others are actively working on it. It is not “easy” to become rich, otherwise, it would be known as we often say. But on the other hand, it is achievable by everyone. I am convinced that I am not rich. Already it would be appropriate to define what it is that the wealth, is it to have 1 000 000 € or 100 000 000 € on the account in bank? 100 buildings? 2,000,000 annual salary? 2 houses? A private jet?

In fact, wealth is unique to everyone. And it depends on your goals. I am not rich. Far from there. But I work there every day. And here are 3 points that seem crucial to me to generate wealth.

1. Invest regularly in markets we know

Whether in real estate or in the stock market, you must leave where you know. Or trust a person who knows (for a fee). And you have to invest regularly. Every month, every year. In short, it is the force of time that will make the difference if you are rigorous and you decide to grow 10% of your salary. We must start as soon as possible, and continue meticulously every month. If you are regular, and you do it right, you are heading for wealth. You have to be serious with your money and learn how to manage it well.

Same in real estate, look in a corner you know. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to sniff out good deals, good spots. And be regular in your purchases. Be meticulous. In real estate again if your vision is long-term, you will not be able to lose money. A property will not make you rich, just like paying 500 euros on life insurance then nothing. It is all of your actions that, repeated, will make you rich. Just get started and learn. If you start now and you are regular, then, in the long run, you can become rich. But do not waste time, and start looking at your finances.

Make efforts this year to take control of your finances.

2. Do not like money

Those who do not like money cannot win. How can we expect to make a lot of money when we have bad beliefs, negative beliefs about money. No, the rich are not bad or unhappy. Yes, money is not an influential factor in happiness, but it is not a factor of misfortune. You can make more money without having to steal or be dishonest. If you have a negative view of the rich and the money you will not be able to earn more.

Change your vision of money today: it’s a means and not an end. A way to have more time, more freedom, to be able to travel, to buy healthy food products, but also to give more, to be more ecological (the eco-friendly devices are generally expensive for the moment).

3. A job that pays or a business

If we look at the USA (I do not have the French numbers but it must meet), almost 3 in 4 millionaires have become through their work or business. Either you have a long education and become a doctor with a high salary and you can invest very heavily in real estate or life insurance, or you work hard without going to school for a long time to go up the hierarchy and have a good place, as well as a big salary.

The second possibility is the one I chose: to build your business. Of course, do not start a business like that, you have to learn a lot before, plan, and predict the pessimistic figures. On the other hand, you do not need to have the idea of the century, but you must be regular, work hard, and be a great seller. If you get into the coffee business but you are a great seller, and you are determined then you will succeed. This has its advantages of getting into an already busy market: you are sure that people are interested.

Of course, if you have a great idea, then enjoy yourself and go for it (after testing it). You can otherwise try the franchise or the business buyout. Here are 3 different points, of course, but it seemed good to remember. The most difficult thing is to change one’s beliefs. Especially when they are deeply rooted in us. The main idea to remember is to be careful to make a regular effort that even if it does not pay or little, once accumulated thousands of times a big sum.